ABOUT  "Photography  by  Vincent"
Vincent Sheridan was born in London, England, but for many years has made Canada his home. Looking at his world through the lens of a camera has provided him with an exciting avenue for his artistic inclinations, and a contrast from his career as a professional engineer. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, and currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario.

Vincent is active in the photographic community as a tutor and competition judge in the Greater Toronto Area.  He is a member of Toronto Focal Forum, and a member and Past President of the Don Mills Camera Club.

Vincent has been devoting himself full-time to assembling his works with the purpose of presenting his best for public enjoyment and purchase. "Photography by Vincent" was established in 1995 to achieve these goals.  The company website was established in 1999.

Vincent's limited edition prints are varied in subject matter, and include architecture, sports, nature and landscapes. His vision brings to others the strength of the images that surround us.

While working in both colour and black and white (monochrome), his favoured medium is monochrome photography for which he has received much recognition. The impact and sharpness of his images in both mediums, and the tonal range he achieves, attest to his proficiency both as a photographer and printer.

The digital revolution has allowed Vincent to stretch the reality of his images, and he enjoys the versatility that the new medium provides for him and his customers.